Acro dance Teacher’s Certification Program is Divided Into 3 Divisions, with Three Levels per Division:

  • Junior 1,2,3
  • Intermediate 1,2,3
  • Advanced 1,2,3

Each Division is the equivalent of three years of student work: i.e: it will take your students approximately three years to complete Junior 1, Junior 2 and Junior 3 (inclusive). Teacher’s certify in the Junior division first, and may certify in the Intermediate and Advanced divisions once they are comfortable with the Junior syllabus work. Most teachers wait one or two years in between certification levels. It is recommended that certifying teachers take their time in completing certification divisions to get the most out of their acro dance education.

In order to achieve Certification in each division, teachers participate in the Certification Course, where they work with expert Master Instructors to learn the course curriculum, and how to teach and spot acro dance properly. Following the Course, Instructors are expected to practice teaching the Acrobatique Syllabus Material with a predetermined acro dance class at their home studio, working from the Practical Workbook and utilizing the online Home Study.

As part of the Home Study portion to certification, teachers are required to instruct a minimum of 75 practical teaching hours (verified by their studio owner or industry affiliate) and submit a Practical Workbook, monthly lesson plans, and classroom video footage of one trick of their choice to achieve Division Certification. This certification criteria is the same for each level: Junior, Intermediate and Advanced.

Note: Teachers are not required to certify past the Junior Level; teachers who do wish to certify in all three Levels must start at the Junior Level.

Personal mentorship is provided throughout the entire process where required via email, telephone or Skype, and Division Certification is obtained only after all items are completed. Teachers may take as long as is necessary to finish their course certification. Most teachers take approximately one to two years to complete each Division. Experienced Acro Dance Instructors who would like to complete their certification more quickly may apply to qualify for the Fast Track to Certification Method.

The acro dance Certification Program is a competency based, hands-on program, where teachers are expected and encouraged to actively participate in their education. 

Note: Teachers are not expected to do Acrobatic tricks at Workshops.

Acro Dance Courses are always very fun and exciting. Teachers who would like to try Acrobatic tricks within the “Safe Zone” of the Certification Course are welcome to.


  • Registration deadline is 14 days prior to start of course; payment (in full) is due at time of registration.
  • Cancellation of registration of a course more than 30 days prior to the start of the course will result in a full refund, less a $25 CAD administration fee/per course cancelled.
  • In the case of cancellation of registration less than 30 days prior to the start of course, the applicant’s fee will be held in trust for the period of one (1) calendar year, to be used as payment toward an alternative seminar within that year. There are no refunds for registration cancellations within 30 days of seminar without a doctors note.
  • Certification Course Welcome Package will be emailed to participants once full registration information and payment are received. Welcome Package will include details regarding specific course information (location, schedule, FAQ’s, etc.).
  • All courses are subject to cancellation. In the case of a cancelled course, the studio is not responsible for any personal fees incurred (such as flight or hotel expenses) or for fluctuations in exchange rates between the time of registration and the time of refund.
  • All individuals must register online in order to attend an event.