Private Teacher Certification

Looking for AcroDance Certification for you, your dance teachers, and your local colleagues?
Couldn’t make it out to one of our Acrobatique Certification Seminars?

We offer private Acrobatique Certification for dance teachers and gymnastics instructors. Some individuals find that asking questions and really getting hands on with learning to teach and spot Acro is easier in the comfort of their own studio, with their own students to practice on. With a minimum of ten instructors, you can have the luxury of Acrobatique Certification workshops in your studio.

Do you have gymnastics coaches teaching AcroDance for you?

Looking for some expert help in teaching them the difference between gymnastics and AcroDance
Many Studio Owners find it difficult to communicate their AcroDance needs to their gymnastics instructors. Studio Owners are looking for softer, more lyrical-looking lines with clever transitions into and out of AcroDance tricks; this can be a challenge for many gymnastics coaches to understand and deliver. Gymnastics and AcroDance are two different art forms, with two very different methods. Acrobatique can teach your gymnastics instructors how to cross over into AcroDance technique seamlessly. Once taught how to implement AcroDance into a dance studio, gymnastics instructors find this to be an easy transition.

Please contact the Acrobatique office directly to customize your Acrobatique workshop experience

Important Details

  • The hosting studio must have a minimum of 10 certifying teachers to host a private certification seminar. The hosting studio is entitled to one free course tuition entry (including a free Master Manual Syllabus Textbook) and one free video streaming series (that corresponds to the course level being taught). This translates into a large savings ($976 CAD) in tuition and syllabus materials for the hosting studio. This compensation is in lieu of studio rental fees for the event.
  • For Private Certification Courses, Acrobatique will cover the costs of flight/travel, hotel expenses and meals for our staff.
  • Dates and times must be completely finalized at least one month before the workshop weekend is to commence. This is to allow adequate time for making travel arrangements.
  • Dates of the workshop weekend will be decided based on availability. The hosting studio will request dates, and indicate what course they would like for their workshop weekend. Once this has been established, Acrobatique AcroDance will set up an itinerary of the weekend’s events and submit to the hosting studio.
  • In order to carry out certification seminars, student volunteers will be needed. The hosting studio must supply level appropriate student volunteers at a ratio of 1 student to every 2 or 3 certifying teachers. This is for demonstrating, and to practice spotting techniques. Student volunteers MUST be proficient in all tricks that they will be demonstrating. Student volunteers are expected to wear a studio leotard and beige footless tights with bootie shorts over top, with hair in two french-braids. Students are expected to be respectful, well behaved, and conduct themselves with the utmost professionalism during the certification workshop. This is a great opportunity for students to get some extra training for free, and to be part of a fun, positive, team-building experience.

Teacher Certification Policies & Procedures

  • Registration deadline is 14 days prior to start of course; payment (in full) is due at time of registration.
  • Cancellation of registration of a course more than 30 days prior to the start of the course will result in a full refund, less a $25 CAD administration fee/per course cancelled.
  • In the case of cancellation of registration less than 30 days prior to the start of course, the applicant’s fee will be held in trust by Acrobatique for the period of one (1) calendar year, to be used as payment toward an alternative seminar within that year. There are no refunds for registration cancellations within 30 days of seminar without a doctors note.
  • Certification Course Welcome Package will be emailed to participants once full registration information and payment are received by Acrobatique Head Office; Welcome Package will include details regarding specific course information (location, schedule, FAQ’s, etc.).
  • All courses are subject to cancellation by Acrobatique AcroDance. In the case of a cancelled course, Acrobatique is not responsible for any personal fees incurred (such as flight or hotel expenses) or for fluctuations in exchange rates between the time of registration and the time of refund.
  • All individuals must register online in order to attend an event. Acrobatique does not accept payment at the door/walk-in registrations.
  • Advertising Policies: Studios with certified and registered Acrobatique Instructors will be listed on the Acrobatique website, with a direct link to their home studio’s website. Please inform Acrobatique administration if you relocate studios in the future. When advertising the credentials of your studio/teachers, please use the following designation(s):

“Registered Acrobatique AcroDance Instructor(s)” AND/OR “Acrobatique AcroDance Certification In Progress”

  • Acrobatique Logo: Member Studios and Certified Instructors are entitled to use the Acrobatique logo in any and all advertising for their studios/programs.