Acro 101

Online Beginner AcroDance Curriculum

Online Teacher’s Training and Set Programming For Beginner Acro At Your Studio.
Designed For Students Aged 6 years old and up.

What it is:
This 12-week online training program will teach you how to implement AcroDance at your studio, without having to send you, or one of your teachers to attend a live Teacher’s Training Course.This is your first “Point-Of-Entry” for your students to “Try Out’ Acro, and for you to ensure that they have a strong foundation of technique should they choose to continue on with AcroDance.

This program is for Studio Owners who need:

  • A streamlined system for their Beginner AcroDance program.
  • Increased student enrolment.
  • An Acro foundation that will give students what they need technically.
  • A good program that all faculty can follow to maintain consistency.

The Benefits:

  • A Standardized Curriculum for Your Foundational Acro Program.
  • A feeder System For Your Recreational/Intermediate Classes.
  • A Made-For-You Plan To Get Started.

You will learn the basic fundamentals, terminology, methodology, spotting methods and planning strategies that the experienced Acro teachers already know!

What Is Included:

  • Video Tutorials explaining WHAT and HOW to introduce each item in the program.
  • Detailed Lesson Plans to print off and use directly in the classroom.
  • An Instructor’s Manual and Introductory Video Tutorial to teach you what you need to know before starting your 101 program.
  • Progress Reports to track your student’s development.
  • Full-color illustrations of every item in the program to clearly define your circuits.
  • Ongoing Support and Mentorship through the Acrobatique 101 Closed Facebook page.
  • Special Bonus marketing materials to help you promote your program.


Online AcroDance Curriculum for Preschoolers (ages 18 months – 6 years old)

Looking for a way to spruce up your existing Preschool combination classes? Want Preschool classes that are different from the rest?

What it is:

The Acrobatique KinderAcro program is an online teacher’s training program and student curriculum for students aged 18 months – 6 years old.

It is designed to be used in the form of 15-minute add-on segments to compliment your current combination classes.

This program is for you, if you need:

  • More students enrolling in your Preschool classes.
  • A streamlined system for introducing Preschool Acro into your studio.
  • A program that will breath new life into your Preschool curriculum, and keep your students engaged and excited to come to class, week after week.
  • A competitive edge over your competitors, with a Preschool program that is different, safe and fun, with the element of AcroDance.
  • A way to ensure that your first and youngest Acrobats are getting off on the right foot with their technique and body-awareness at your studio.
  • Ongoing support from the online Acrobatique KinderAcro community.

What Is Included:

  • 16 KinderAcro lesson plans for both Toddlers and Preschoolers, that will ensure continuity in your classes, regardless of who is teaching them.
  • Video Tutorials that explain what and how to teach all of the items in the lesson plans.
  • An Instructor’s Manual, to teach you everything you need to know before starting your KinderAcro Program.
  • 32 cute, full color illustrations to be printed off and used in the classroom to clearly define your circuits.
  • A Teacher’s Checklist to ensure that you are on track with your students’ progress and development.
  • Made for you downloadable marketing tools, to help promote your outstanding new Preschool program.