Student Examinations

Acrobatique Examinations encourage students to set and achieve positive goals, work at a high personal standard, and maintain a consistent education throughout their training years. Examinations in the Acrobatique method allow students the opportunity to enjoy quality technical training, thereby helping to create stronger AcroDance and performance abilities. Acrobatique students are critiqued and evaluated by professional examiners in a classroom setting. Upon completion of the exam, students receive graded report cards, highlighting areas of excellence and suggested areas of improvement. Students also receive a graded Certificate of Completion, and students who achieve a grade of “Highly Commended Plus” will also receive a special Medal Of Merit to honor their outstanding achievement.


  • Presentation Exams allow students the opportunity to experience an Acrobatique Examination without being graded.
  • Online Exam Days are available for studios that have too-few candidates to meet the minimum-booking amount of a Traditional (in-person) Exam Day.
  • Acrobatique Student Workshops may be booked as an addition to any Traditional (in-person) Exam Day.


  • Teachers who wish to enter students into exams can request an examination package from the Acrobatique Office by emailing 
  • Although Acrobatique tries to oblige to all date requests, examination dates must also coincide with the Acrobatique Examiner’s travelling itinerary.



  • Teachers entering students into exams must be certifying or certified in the Acrobatique Division(s) their students will be entering.
  • Students must successfully pass the third level of each AcroDance Division (Junior, Intermediate, Advanced) before proceeding into the next Division. Students must start examinations at a minimum of the Junior 3 Level.
  • Exam Day Deposit must be paid within 14 days of exam date request; completed Candidate’s List and full payment must be submitted/paid 30 days prior to your scheduled examination date. Failure to meet either of these deadlines will result in an automatic cancellation of your exam day(s).
  • Cancellation of exams or workshops more than 30 days prior to the start date will result in a full refund. *Please note that the deposit paid upon booking is non-refundable.
  • Cancellation of exams, workshops, or a student’s individual examination entry without a doctor’s note, less than 30 days prior to the start date, will result in forfeiture of the exam fee(s) and/or workshop fee(s).
  • All students must be a minimum of age 5 to take part in Acrobatique Exams and/or Workshops.
  • All participating students must have an Acrobatique waiver (below) completed and signed by a parent/guardian.
  • All participating students must be registered via the Candidates List – Acrobatique cannot guarantee the accommodation of additional students once the Candidates List has been submitted.