Aria Evans

Aria Evans sees herself as a collector, a curator of human stories. She likes to examine personal narratives and experiences, presenting them. In such a way, viewers can identify themselves within a larger world and realize that as a species we are undivided.

Aria Evans Bio

The artist believes that identities such as race or gender are meaningless and that we all share common ground. As an identified minority in our society, Aria uses her art to advocate for the banishment of the notions that separate us.

Philosophy of Aria Evans’s dance

She is a Toronto-based mixed-race, emerging contemporary dance artist working within performance, choreography and video. In her work, through movement in performance and on film, dancer strive to express ideas that are inaccessible to the spoken or written word.

Contemporary choreography is the technical foundation for her work while conceptually it draws from my experiences and the experiences of others. Aria is interested in how dance can tell the story of our lives and bring us together as a society. Her choreographic work draws attention to our unity by finding and dissecting the hints provided in our choices, our relationship to others and to ourselves.

Aria Evans performing

By showcasing human stories choreographer’s intention is to provoke questions about society. Aria Evans’s work invites audiences to engage in personal contemplation and discussion. She strives to make the audiences entry into this challenge easier by drawing from and presenting everyday situations.

When the dancer creates a new work, the point of departure comes from contemporary life. The integrity of her artistic vision is to speak to a diverse audience and she aspires to bring valuable and original contributions to the field of dance and dance film.

Aria Evans CV | Resume

Education / Training

Drop-in Training (2012-Present) Toronto Dance Community Love-In
Drop-in Training (2012-2016) Great Moving Dancers/Good Morning Dance
Drop-in Training (2012-2015) Dancemakers Open Company Class
Drop-in Training (2012-2015) Series 808 ATC

BFA (2008-2012) Deans Honour Roll: Dance + Film elective

  • Professors: Carol Anderson, Julia Sasso, Megan Andrews, John Ottman, Susan Lee, Susan Cash, Helen Jones, Lisa Sandlos, Donna Krasnow, Mary Fogarty, Blake Martin, William Mackwood, Gwen Dobie, Michael Zyrd, Nina Levitt etc.
  • Electives: Dance Production, Introduction to Film, The Photographic Experience, Lighting Design for Dance, Dance Video and Intermedial Performance, Senior Projects (Video Resume), Communication and Mass Media, Acting for Non-Majors, Choreography, Dance Performance etc.

Victoria School of Contemporary Dance, (1992-2008): Modern, Contemporary

  • Connie Cooke, Kelly Hobson

Work / Performance experience

The Go To Company (August 2015 – Present)Artistic Director

Hub 14 (March 2013 – 2018)Co-Artistic Director

  • Co-Artistic Directors: Kate Nankervis, Andrew Gaboury
  • Past Co-Artistic Directors: Cathy Gordon, Meagan O’Shea, Heidi Strauss, Jeremy Mimnagh, Marie France Forcier

Finding Wolastoq Voice Tour (February – April 2018)Dancer/Choreographer (venue: New Brunswick – Ontario)

Finding Wolastoq Voice Tour (February - April 2018)
  • Title: Finding WOlastoq Voice
  • Presented by: Theatre New Brunswick
  • Performer: Aria Evans

Prevailing Voices (February 2018) – Dancer/Choreographer (venue: Scotiabank Studio Theatre)

  • Title: link
  • Presented by: DanceWorks CoWorks
  • Performer: Aria Evans

DTRC’s On The Move – Keynote Speaker (February 2018)

Weesageechak Begins to Dance 30 (November 2017)Performer (venue: Aki Studio Theatre)

  • Title: link (WIP)
  • Presented by: Native Earth Performing Arts
  • Performer: Aria Evans

Voice Of A Nation – Tour (October – November 2017)Choreographer (venue: Gravenhurst Opera House, Peterborough’s Showplace Performance Centre, Grace Toronto Church)

  • Title: The Trickster Re-imagined
  • Commissioned by: The Toronto Concert Orchestra
  • Presented by: The Toronto Concert Orchestra
  • Performers: Syreeta Hector, Mayumi Lashbrook, Raelyn Metcalfe

In Basements on Sunday’s (November 2017)Performer (venue: Wenona – Craft Beer Lodge)

  • Songwriter: David Newberry
  • Performer: Aria Evans

Guswenta Gathering (October 2017)Speaker, Performer (venue: Soulpepper)

  • Presented by: Soulpepper
  • Performer: Aria Evans

Ontario Culture Days – Youth Arts Ambassador (October 2017)Choreographer (venue: hub14)

  • Title: Two Row
  • Commissioned by: Ontario Culture Days
  • Presented by: The Go To Company
  • Performers: Syreeta Hector, Lacey Hill, Shannon Litzenberger, Kiley May, Bee Pallomina, Julia Sasso, Irma Villafuerte

Arts In The Parks (September 2017)Choreographer (venue: Amos Waites Park)

  • Title: On The Brink
  • Commissioned by: Urbanvessel
  • Presented by: Toronto Arts In The Parks
  • Performers: Tia Kushniruk, Pulga Muchochoma and Kathia Wittenborn

SummerWorks – live art (August 2017) Choreographer (venue: Artscape Youngplace)

  • Title: PATHS
  • Presented by: Eldritch Designs
  • Performers: Jasmyn Fyffe, Ana Groppler, Jolyane Langlois, Pulga Muchochoma, Mateo Galindo Torres and Kathia Wittenborn

Dark Nights – Guest Speaker (June 2017)

Luminato Festival (June 2017) – Dancer (venue: Imperial Oil Opera Theatre)

Luminato Festival (June 2017)
  • Title: Bearing
  • Presented by: Signal Theatre
  • Performers: Irvin Chow, Louis Laberge-Côté, Aria Evans, Ceinwen Gobert, Ana Groppler, Daniel Mcarthur, Sophie Merasty, Brandon Oakes, Jillian Peever

Canadian Arts Summit – Invited Guest Contributor (May 2017)

WITL with Allies and Friends (April 2017) Dancer/Choreographer/Video designer (venue: The Citadel)

  • Title: Everything is Everything (WIP)
  • Presented by: Wind In The Leaves Collective
  • Performers: Jesse Dell, Aria Evans, Charles C. Smith

TAPA’s INDIEX – Interdisciplinary Panelist (April 2017)

FEMPOCALYPSE: A Cabaret for International Women’s Day (March 2017)Dancer (venue: Earnest Balmer Studio)

  • Title: In The Abyss (WIP)
  • Presented by: Young Innovators with the support of Nightwood Theatre
  • Performer: Jesse Dell

New Music Festival (February 2017) – Choreographer/Projections (venue: Walter Hall – University of Toronto)

  • Title: In The Abyss (WIP)
  • Performer: Jesse Dell

WEESAGEECHAK 29 (November 2016)Choreographer/Dancer (venue: Aki Studio Theatre)

  • Title: link (WIP)
  • Presented by: Native Earth Performing Arts
  • Performers: Aria Evans

WEESAGEECHAK 29 (November 2016)Choreographer (venue: Aki Studio Theatre)

  • Title: RElaps
  • Presented by: Native Earth Performing Arts
  • Performers: Jesse Dell, Naishi Wang

A Venue Warming for us Arts Collective (October 2016)Dancer (venue: 371B Oakwood Ave.)

  • Title: In This Room (WIP)
  • Performers: Aria Evans, Candice Irwin

Music Video (August 2016)Dancer (venue: Toronto, Site-Specific)

  • Title: Set Me Free by Julian Taylor Band
  • Choreographer: Patricia Allison​
  • Performers: Patricia Allison​, Aria Evans

RATED R at the Toronto Fringe (July 2016)Choreographer (venue: Randolph Theatre)

  • Title: RElaps
  • Presented by: The Go To Company
  • Performers: Jesse Dell, Irvin Chow
  • Title: RANKED
  • Presented by: The Go To Company
  • Performers: Jasmyn Fyffe, Peter Kelly, Pulga Muchochoma, Kassi Scott, Mateo Torres, Kathia Wittenborn

Music Video (April 2016)Lead Dancer (venue: Toronto, Site-Specific)

  • Title: Red Dress by Amanda Rheaume, featuring Chantal Kreviazuk
  • Performer: Aria Evans

Snider Lecture Series (March 2016)Choreographer/Dancer (venue: UTSC: HW 305)

  • Title: RANKED (WIP)
  • Presented by: University of Toronto Scarborough
  • Performers: Aria Evans, Damian Norman, Kassi Scott, Mateo Torres

Gaïa jette l’encre à La Basse Cour (January – March 2016)Dancer/Choreographer/Videographer/Editor (venue: Galerie Amarrage in Paris, France)

  • Title: Desiccated
  • Curated by: Julia Rajacic
  • Performer: Aria Evans

Fall Immersion (November 2015)Dancer/Choreographer (venue: hub14)

  • Title: RElaps (WIP)
  • Performer: Aria Evans

Intertribal Gathering (November 2015)Interpreter (venue: Aki Studio)

Intertribal Gathering (November 2015)
  • Title: Indigenous Languages In Performance Showcase
  • Presented by: IPAA with Aluna Theatre and NEPA
  • Comissioned by: Rhéanne Chartrand
  • Performer: Aria Evans

“Gaïa” eco-exhibition during Cop21 (November – December 2015)Choreographer/Videographer/Editor (venue: La maison bleue – Porte de Montmartre in Paris, France)

  • Title: Desiccated (film excerpt)
  • Curator: Julia Rajacic

FRESH BLOOD (October 2015)Choreographer (venue: Harbourfront Centre Theatre)

  • Title: RANKED (WIP)
  • Presented by: Harbourfront Centre
  • Performers: Damian Norman, Kassi Scott

SummerWorks – dance series (August 2015)Choreographer (venue: Theatre Centre)

  • Title: Desiccated
  • Presented by: The Go To Company
  • Performers: Jesse Dell, Ana Groppler, Mateo Torres and live vocalist: Amir Brandon

Planet Indigenous Day of Dance (July 2015) Dancer (venue: Fleck Dance Theatre)
Aboriginal Pavilion Opening Night Showcase (July 2015)Dancer (venue: Fort York)

  • Title: When Will You Rage?
  • Choreographer: Penny Couchie
  • Performers: Sarain Carson-Fox, Aria Evans, Lilia Leon, Tamara Podemski

DOORS AT 6pm (July 2015)Choreographer (venue: Gardiner Museum)

  • Title: Desiccated Excerpt
  • Presented by: SummerWorks Launch Party
  • Performers: Jesse Dell, Ana Groppler, Mateo Torres

Medicine Bear Tour (June 2015)Dancer/Actress (venue: Ottawa, Toronto)

  • Title: Medicine Bear
  • Presented by: Kaha:wi Dance Theatre
  • Performers: Jesse Dell, Aria Evans, Billy Merasty

CPW (April 2015)Choreographer (venue: Collective Space)

  • Title: Desiccated (WIP)
  • Presented by: Series808
  • Performers: Jesse Dell, Ana Groppler, Mateo Torres

SEASONAL ACTIVITIES, V.1. (March 2015)Choreographer (venue: hub14)

  • Title: Desiccated (WIP)
  • Performers: Jesse Dell, Ana Groppler, Mateo Torres

Queens Calling (February 2015) Dancer (venue: Harbourfront Centre Theatre)

  • Title: Solo/SoulsDeep
  • Presented by: Dance Immersion
  • Choreographer: Sharon Harvey
  • Performers: Joy Adjemian, Aisha Ahya, Rhea Bowman, Aria Evans, Kaja Irwin

LONG NIGHT talk show (December 2014)Dancer/Choreographer (venue: The Great Hall)

LONG NIGHT talk show (December 2014)
  • Title: Box Box Box Box
  • Pressented by: LONG WINTER Year Three / Volume Two
  • Host: Vanessa Dunn
  • Performer: Aria Evans

Lamnó (December 2014 and April 2015)Interpreter (venue: Art Gallery of Ontario – Walker Court)

  • Artist: Talwst
  • Presented by: AGO First Thursdays and HOTBED
  • Performers: Aria Evans, Ana Groppler, Emily Law, Pulga Muchochoma, Natasha Powell, Mark Sparks, Raoul Wilke

Fall Dances (November 2014)Dancer/Choreographer (venue: Artscape Youngplace)

  • Title: Box Box Box Box
  • Performer: Aria Evans

60×60 Dance (October 2014)Dancer/Co-Choreographer (venue: The Enwave Theatre)

  • Title: Wheeze3
  • Presented by: Harbourfront NextSteps Dance Series
  • Performers: Irvin Chow, Aria Evans

Culture Days CPW (September 2014) Dancer/Choreographer (venue: Dancemakers)

  • Title: Box Box Box Box
  • Presented by: Series 808, Dance Ontario
  • Performer: Aria Evans

Peggy Baker Dance Projects (August 2014)Interpreter (Venue: The Winchester Street Theatre)

  • Title: Light and Shadow
  • Presented by: d:mic/fac

YOHOMO (June 2014)Interpreter (venue: Huntclub Gallery)

  • Presented by: HUNTCLUB
  • Choreographer: Vanessa Jane Kimmons
  • Performers: Amanda Acorn, Aria Evans, Kiri Figueiredo, Jolyane Langlois, Kate Nankervis

UNAFFILIATED 01 (June 2014)Interpreter (venue: Toronto Island Site-Specific)

  • Choreographer: Amelia Ehrhardt
  • Performers: Niomi Anna Cherney, Aria Evans, Tina Fushell, Andrew Hartley, Julia Male, Andrea Spaziani)

Emerging Inter-Arts Ensemble (March 2014)Multidisciplinary Artist (venue: The Citadel)

  • Title: Beats and Intentions
  • Presented by: Expect Theatre

Studio Performance Series (February 2014)Dancer/Choreographer (venue: Artscape Youngplace)

Studio Performance Series (February 2014)
  • Title: Box Box Box Box (WIP)
  • Presented by: Intergalactic Arts Collective
  • Performer: Aria Evans

Music Video (December 2013)Lead Dancer/Actress (venue: Ontario – Quebec)

  • Title: Sisters
  • Presented by: A Tribe Called Red
  • Performers: Sarain Carson-Fox, Aria Evans, Devery Jacobs

Medicine Bear Tour (November 2013)Dancer/Actress (venue: Throughout Ontario)

  • Title: Medicine Bear
  • Presented by: Kaha:wi Dance Theatre
  • Performers: Jesse Dell, Aria Evans, Alex Twin

Indigenous Dance Residency (August 2013)Dancer (venue: Margaret Greenham Theatre)

Indigenous Dance Residency (August 2013)
  • Title: Backbone
  • Presented by: The Banff Centre
  • Performers: Aria Evans, Thomas Fonua, Dayton Hill, Sam Mitchell, Jerra Wolf

Nomadic Noise Residency (July 2013)Multidisciplinary Dance Artist (venue: Site-Specific)

  • Title: Sound Memory
  • Presented by: Labspace Studio’s Nomadic Noise Residency
  • Performers: Aria Evans, Emma Letki, Kelly Morden

Julia Sasso Dances (April 2012)Interpreter

  • Title: SLoE : Creative Process
  • Interpreters: Angela Blumberg, Irvin Chow, Aria Evans, Sky Fairchild-Waller, Susan Lee, Deanna Peters

Rivoli Dances 4.0 (June 2012)Choreographer/Dancer (venue: The Rivoli)

  • Title: Quell
  • Performers: Aria Evans, Candice Irwin

Remote Creations (May 2011)Dancer/Co-Choreographer (venue: Dancemakers)

  • Title: Borderlines : Pest Control
  • Presented by: Remote Creations
  • Performers: Irvin Chow, Aria Evans, Hannah Greyson-Gaito, Léa Tremblay

Film Experience *not including individuals

Kaeja d’Dance (June 2012 – present)Resident Videographer/Editor

  • Various Projects

Dreamwalker Dance Company (October-November 2015)Social Media Videographer/Photographer/Editor

  • The Whole Shebang: TAKEN BY NIGHT

Wind In The Leaves Collective (December 2015 – Present) Videographer/Photographer/Editor

  • Various Projects

Canadian Dance Assembly (April 2013 – present)Videographer/Editor/Photographer

  • Various Projects

Hop To It Productions (September 2012 – present)Associate Producer/Videographer/Editor/Photographer

  • Various Projects

The Whole Shebang (October 2015)Social Media Maker/Videographer/Editor

  • Dreamwalker Dance Company

Ryerson Dances (November 2014 and November 2015) Videographer

  • Ryerson University

Dance Matters (Aug 2013 – Aug 2014)Videographer/Editor

  • Dance Matters to Me! Campaign

The Toronto Dance Community Love-In (July 2014)Videographer/Editor

The Toronto Dance Community Love-In (July 2014)
  • Summer Love-In

Pulse Ontario Dance Conference Documentary – (May 2014) Videographer/Editor

  • Carmelina Martin, Blake Martin

Talent Hounds: Pet Network TV/WEB Segments (Present)Videographer/Editor/Photographer

  • Hop To It Productions, BookShorts Inc.

The Banff Centre – Sandra Laronde (August 2013)Select Projection Videography

  • Indigenous Dance Residency, Backbone

SummerWorks, hub14 co-presentation (August 2013)Dance Film Premier

  • Mothlight (Videographer, Choreographer, Director, Editor)
  • Deluge (Videographer, Co-Director, Co-Editor)

The Space Between Us (June 2013)Videographer/Editor

  • Tziporah Productions

Old and Young and Reckless Together – not two, not one … (May 2013)Videographer/Editor

  • Amelia Ehrhardt, Julia Sasso, Danielle Baskerville

Dancing in Diversity (April 2013)Videographer


YMI Dancing (April 2013)Videographer

YMI Dancing (April 2013)
  • Pia Bouman School

Nadia Potts Class/Reception (April 2013)Videographer/Photographer

  • Ryerson University

Transmedia Production Acceleration Program (September 2012-March 2013)Mentee

  • CMPA (Canadian Media Production Association)

Talent Hounds: Pet Network (September 2012 – March 2013)Production Assistant/Videographer/Junior Editor

Talent Hounds: Pet Network (September 2012 - March 2013)
  • Hop To It Productions, BookShorts Inc.

BookShorts Inc. (September 2012 – March 2013)Production Assistant, Videographer, Editor

  • Video Book Trailers and Web Content