• Alex Hamilton

    Alex Hamilton

    North Calgary Dance Center

    Calgary, AB

    There’s so much to say about Acrobatique, but let me start by saying I attended multiple other acro certifications and workshops. I continue to teach my students using this syllabus for a few different reasons. The Acrobatique program has the most amazing way of progressing students in a seamless and efficient manner. Not only from beginner to more advanced tricks but through strength and flexibility as well.

    Throughout each level you are taught the fundamental exercises in strengthening, flexibility, and skill set necessary to the progression to more advanced acro dance. Many teachers fail to understand how important strength is to acro, they continuously stress flexibility which is great. But without strength you have a dancer who can’t find their legs while they’re upside down let alone stretch them. The warm-ups in Acrobatique allow dancers to get strong fast, and this allows the dancer to accomplish tricks with less difficulty and at a faster pace.

    The instruction and mentorship after the courses at Acrobatique are one of a kind. The Acrobatique faculty are always available over email, phone, Skype, and even Facebook for questions and any practical help you may need.

  • Nathan Young

    Nathan Young

    Studio Director - Love Your Dance

    Radway, Alberta

    The Acrobatique Certification program has helped to build my confidence as an instructor as well as the strength and confidence in my students. Before heading into the training, I was nervous in regards to my ability to train my dancers in a new area of syllabus work that we had not yet been able to offer. I was nervous that we would miss critical lessons that would lead to injury or poor technique. As a recreational dance studio in a small town, I wanted to ensure that our students would receive quality training that is both challenging and rewarding, allowing the dancers to find success in the new discipline.

    The Acrobatique program was easy to follow and made sense in its progression line. The Acrobatique faculty broke down each trick and technique, while linking the steps from one to the other. The syllabus is clear not just in terms of each trick breakdown, but also in terms of how each move and exercise impacts the training as a whole. The atmosphere in the training sessions was fast paced but not rushed, allowing us to discuss and ask questions which enhanced the experience and added perspective. The hands on approach allowed me to learn the proper ways to support my students and I felt confident as I transitioned back into my classes.

    Since implementing the strategies and techniques taught during the program, our dancers have experienced measurable growth in both their strength and flexibility, not just in their acro lessons, but in all of their classes. Acrobatique has been a strong addition the the Love Your Dance experience and we are looking forward to completing our full certification.

  • Laura Elliott

    Laura Elliott

    Artistic Director - Creator's Arts Centre

    Kelowna, British Columbia

    As a dance teacher (and the Artistic Director of a studio) my email inbox is saturated with advertisements for teacher training programs, online video tutorials, etc to help me be a better teacher. It's hard to know what programs are the good ones when they all claim to be the best. I've been to lots of conferences, signed up for those online teacher support memberships and ordered books and they were all useful but just 'okay'. Acrobatique was life-changing for me as a teacher. Intelligent, well thought out syllabus, excellent workshops and on-going support as a teacher. I've been teaching Acrobatique for over 5 yrs and I still get personal emails to answer any questions I might have. The 1-1 support has been the biggest asset that sets this program apart from programs I've done before. I feel very confident in myself as a teacher, not just in Acro but in all the styles I teach, and the parents and students at our school know they're getting good training when they see the instructor has a certification in what they teach that's aligned with a professional program.

  • Giselle Wilson

    Giselle Wilson

    Studio Owner - Giselle's Showtyme Dance

    Assiniboia, Saskatchewan

    Personally, I was never exposed to Acro as a dancer, or had any previous experience teaching AcroDance. However, after going through the training, I realized that this is something I could do! In the training courses, Miss. Melissa made it her responsibility for you to feel comfortable and secure in your training, so you could maintain a high standard when taking the work back to your dancers. This is one thing that I pride myself on: maintaining that standard at my studio that Acrobatique has set out for their syllabus. I want everyone to know this syllabus gets results; it is good for anyone with or without previous experience. With a good eye and desire to make things correct and safe, this syllabus one of the best. I feel like Acrobatique is a close family where you can email any questions or attend any course and feel like you belong and matter to the syllabus. I truly love Acrobatique!

  • Kyleigh Coad

    Kyleigh Coad

    Director - Born2Dance

    Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

    Growing up, my dance experience included the staples of Tap, Jazz and Ballet. AcroDance was not yet widely known or accessible in our small prairie city. So when making the decision to open my own studio, I knew that this was something that i wanted included in my programs.

    I was nervous at the prospect of learning an entire art form in only 3 evening sessions! I kept my intentions about attending to myself because I didn’t have much faith that this plan would see me through to my goal. However, after completing the 3 day Junior level course I was ready to design my Acro Program! The teachers were so amazing to work with and answered every question I had. They went above and beyond to make sure each of us were well equipped with what we needed to get off the ground. Not only were they available for the course time but were completely accessible afterward as well. They supported me with not only curriculum, but also building my business, and a thriving community program. The at home study materials and online resources kept me accountable and engaged. Not only could I review the tricks over and over with their online videos but I could write about any challenges I faced and they quickly evaluated how to assist me.

    Over the past two years of operation my Acro Program has doubled in size and I have hired a second teacher for the upcoming season. I am very proud to be a part of the Acrobatique family and look forward to many years of instilling the love of this art into my students.

  • Belinda Payne

    Belinda Payne

    Studio Owner - Next Generation Dance Studio

    Melbourne, Australia

    At Next Generation Dance Studio we are proud to offer the Acrobatique AcroDance syllabus to our students. This syllabus enables students to gradually build the strength they need to execute acrobatic tricks correctly and safely.

    What you need to know is that there are NO shortcuts to Acro. Acrobatique teaches that everything must come from a place of strength. So many injuries can happen, not to mention the pressure on your body and joints, if not done correctly. Acrobatique has taught my Acro instructors and myself how to safely introduce AcroDance at our studio.

    Acro dance is NOT gymnastics, circus skills cheerleading or tumbling. As a studio owner, I see a lot of young dancers pushing the limits of Acro and trying tricks that they are not ready for. This is influenced mostly from Instagram and Facebook, and what they see others doing.

    AcroDance is such a beautiful art form. Be patient and work hard with your students. The tricks will come – Acrobatique got us there safely and effectively and it will for you too!

  • Kelly Aarts

    Kelly Aarts

    Studio Owner - Dance Aarts Academy

    Stratford, Ontario

    The Acrobatique AcroDance Syllabus has been a wonderful edition and a fabulous opportunity for my studio. To embrace a program that is safe and easy to follow, but also provides you as a teacher with the continuous support that is required when teaching a proper AcroDance program.

    I have had the opportunity to complete my Junior, Intermediate and Advanced Acro syllabus levels. All of the courses that I have taken have been well organized and the instruction thorough. The teaching booklets and Dvd’s are an asset to have and they are offered at a reasonable cost. Melissa and her staff have always shown professionalism and provided sound feedback when addressing questions. I feel confident that I have received the training that I need to install a safe and beneficial program. I especially love the warm-up's and how each level supports the tricks that the students are hoping to achieve. I have found a huge improvement in my student’s technique and physical strength, since we implemented this program at my studio.

    I look forward to many more years of teaching the Acrobatique Acro Syllabus and seeing the smiles on my dancer’s faces as they achieve their goals. Thank you Melissa for giving us the opportunity to learn your syllabus and share your passion for acrobatics!

  • Tracee Jensen

    Tracee Jensen

    Director - Stage Door Academy

    Brisbane, Australia

    I have attended Acrobatique's Junior Teacher's Certification Course and really like how the syllabus explains all steps accurately. I find it easy to teach the technique and I enjoy the organized approach. The closed Facebook group for Acrobatique teachers is also very helpful, as well as the support received from Melissa and her team. I feel confident in teaching the syllabus and instructing my students. I am classically trained and have only touched on Acro in my career. For me it is a great way to incorporate this style into my studio as the step-by-step guide covers all areas. The training workshop was very thorough and you leaving knowing exactly what you need to do. The teaching tools such as the DVD are also very helpful. I have recommended Acrobatique to my colleagues because it is well established and has a high level of technique instruction. I believe it develops our Acrobats the correct way and allows them to learn tricks and form with the right technique. It is easy to follow and the support is awesome!

  • Melissa Ward

    Melissa Ward

    Studio Owner - Rhythm Dance Center

    Amherstview, Ontario

    I would highly recommend Acrobatique to any studio either looking to start an Acro program or switch to a new syllabus. We have found our experience with Acrobatique very rewarding, valuable, productive and safe.

    As a studio director with limited acrobatic training I was looking to find a syllabus that offered proper training techniques to ensure safe practice in acro dance.
    I was delighted to find Acrobatique as it provides us with the tools to train our dancers safely and in a strong, consistent, progressive environment.
    Not only do they provide wonderful workshops and training tools with the online syllabus videos they are also so approachable and willing to assist whenever needed. We have shared several videos of our dancers performing tricks to Acrobatique staff, and received valuable feedback and advice in a timely manner.
    The syllabus is detailed, visual and informative which makes it easy to follow, and gives instructors confidence they are teaching and spotting tricks correctly.
    The workshops attended had many instructors that you could ask questions of and many students that were available to practice techniques on. It is hands on; extremely interactive which is so important when learning the tools to teach and spot various tricks, as well gain confidence prior to teaching your own students.

    Our dancers have grown in strength, control and overall performance from their Acro training. Today AcroDance is an extremely essential element in order to take their dancing to new levels. The strength gained is incredible and it carries over to other aspects of their dancing.

  • Jennifer Carney

    Jennifer Carney

    Studio Owner - The Performing Arts Centre

    Squamish, British Columbia

    As a dance studio owner and director, I am thrilled to offer my students Acrobatique! The Acrobatique Syllabus offers teachers and students concrete instruction that is safe and empowering, with progressive tricks and loads of variations that take performing to the next level! From the beginner student to the experienced dancer, Acrobatique is the best way to give students the confidence they need to achieve a dynamic performance level that is sure to impress. I really enjoy teaching Melissa Klassen’s Acrobatique! Melissa is quick to respond when you have a question, she is enthusiastic and confident about her progressive Acro programs, and I have no doubt that my students will all be better performers having the Acrobatique AcroDance Curriculum added to their dance portfolio.

  • Meagan McGratten

    Meagan McGratten

    Studio Owner – Dance Traxx Studio

    Red Deer, Alberta

    Not having an acrobatic background, I was nervous before attending my first certification workshop. Melissa Klassen and her team put my worries and concerns to rest. Through her guidance, and with hands on training, I learned correct spotting techniques and began to develop an “eye” for correction.
    The Acrobatique teaching certification programs are exceptional. I was impressed with how much I learned in such a short amount of time. The weekend certification workshops are informative, professional and done in a positive atmosphere. There is plenty of ongoing support as well. The master manuals, videos (both DVD and streaming) and the expertise of the instructors really simplifies the learning process. The Acrobatique team is very easy to get in touch with. I appreciate being able to send videos of my dancers performing acrobatic elements and tricks, and receiving immediate feedback. Knowing they are there to support us as teachers has really helped to raise my confidence. I absolutely love the slow build-up and progression to the levels of difficulty. I am confident that my dancers are learning from a well thought out training process. The equal mix of strength and flex has had a great impact on my dancers in their acrobatic progress and their dance training overall.
    Since implementing the Acrobatique curriculum in my studio, I have seen my acro program grow by leaps and bounds. Parents and students alike have seen the progress our acro dancers are making, and are adding it to their list of classes. Acrobatique has truly helped me become a more knowledgeable and informed teacher.

  • Hazel Parina

    Hazel Parina

    Red Shoe Dance Company

    Central, Hong Kong

    It is with great pleasure to introduce the very first acro dance class in Hong Kong with the use of the Acrobatique Syllabus. This is a great syllabus as it explains every single detail of the required tricks,warm-ups and drills and no matter how beginner or experienced the student is, all tricks are achievable. This training will not just help in learning tricks but also mold the students as well-rounded dancers. Melissa is a great teacher and facilitator of the Acrobatique Syllabus as she explained and demonstrated the importance of the drills and warm-ups to be able to perform the tricks well. My most favorite part is how safely I can spot my students. I have improved so much in spotting because of the Acrobatique Syllabus and this is essential as safety always comes first. I have seen a student go from doing baby cartwheels to front walk overs! This syllabus continues to amaze me. I have truly improved as a teacher because of the Acrobatique Syllabus and I would like to thank Melissa and Wendy for all the help and knowledge that they have shared during this wonderful experience!

  • Daniel Vermette

    Daniel Vermette

    The Catz Meow Dance Education Centre Inc.

    Amherstburg, ON

    The Acrobatique Certification Course Instructors were well-spoken and were willing and eager to hear any questions that we had. Everyone there was like family helping each other out. Learning why we teach tricks in the order that we do, the importance of not rushing through tricks, and general classroom safety was of immense benefit and will help me improve back at my studio. Practicing proper spotting skills by trying each trick with a student was very helpful. The energy in the room was phenomenal. I like how we followed the syllabus and tried teaching and spotting each trick in groups, so that everyone felt very confident by the time the course was over.

  • Melissa Lee-Keating

    Melissa Lee-Keating

    Studio Owner – Imagine Dance Studios

    Peterborough, Ontario

    What an amazing experience we have all had certifying with the Acrobatique AcroDance Syllabus. We are already planning for the Intermediate level certification in the future. Mr Brandon and Miss Dana were incredibly knowledgeable, approachable and so talented!

    I would highly recommend the Acrobatique AcroDance program to studios and teachers. We are all very excited to introduce the Acrobatique syllabus to our students and begin our AcroDance journey! Thank you.

  • Rhonda Gillrie

    Rhonda Gillrie

    Studio Owner – Danceology

    Vermilion, Alberta

    Over the past three years, I have participated in the Jr. Acrobatique Certification course and now have hosted the same course within my studio. I find the program very easy to use. Our students’ have taken to the work and we have laid a very solid foundation in our Acrobatics course in a very short period of time. Best of all we are injury free. The program is user friendly and the support given through email and other feedback forums is awesome. Providing a set Acrobatics courses in our studio has allowed us to integrate more strength and conditioning to our dancers. It has also allowed many more students, who do not necessarily want “Dance” to enter into our studio. The System has worked very well for us and I would promote it to any who are interested in offering this in their own studio.

  • Karen Woytowich

    Karen Woytowich

    Body Language Academy of Dance

    Brampton, Ontario

    I have participated in all 3 Acrobatique workshops: Junior, Intermediate & Advanced. My favorite aspects of the Acrobatique programs are: continued mentorship and feedback, hands on workshops with excellent spotting techniques and continuity of training throughout various levels via transferable training techniques (as in the skills of aerials and front aerials). I also LOVED the set Technique Warm-ups, build ups and conditioning exercises for all acrobatic levels. The personal instruction and mentorship I received from Acrobatique was fantastic! Communication was wonderful. Everyone is very supportive and willing to impart their knowledge. Melissa was always able to effectively answer, explain and even demonstrate any aspect that needed further extrapolation. I am much more confident with my abilities as an educator after completing the Acrobatique workshops and Home Study’s. Acrobatique provides informative feedback and offers a variety of teaching strategies. Not to mention it provides great training and spotting techniques, as well as lots of hands on learning at each workshop. I would definitely recommend the Acrobatique’s AcroDance Syllabus and additional programing to any of my colleagues!

  • Abby Prebble

    Abby Prebble

    Studio Owner – Aspire Acrobatics

    Bowmanville, Ontario

    As an acrobatic instructor it is important to theoretically and practically understand what you’re teaching and know how to properly support your students while they are learning. The Acrobatique instructors guide you through the learning process with great attention to detail. They thoroughly outline various spotting techniques and a carefully executed step-by-step method of learning that provides a better understanding when physically assisting students. The Acrobatique instructors are highly educated and experienced in their industry. They are supportive and encouraging; they guide their participants through the learning process of becoming educated and confident acrobatic instructors. I recently attended the Acrobatique Junior and Intermediate courses and had a fantastic time! I received a master manual, for each level, outlining descriptions and photos for each skill and warm-up. I also received a practical workbook/log. The course material has been an exceptional in-class guide; I find myself referencing the manuals often. The practical workbook/log has been a great teaching tool. It has helped me deconstruct the skills I am teaching, giving me a better understanding of each step and skill. Implementation of the Acrobatique syllabus has been a simple and exciting process; the curriculum is consistent which makes instructing and breaking down skills easy. My students have responded incredibly well and are developing quickly and safely.
    The instruction I received during the certification seminars was informative, clear and concise; I left feeling confident and bursting with ideas! The Acrobatique instructors inspired me as an instructor and on a personal level. Their innovation and “out-of-the-box” creativity makes their seminars a positive experience. I will be back next summer to complete my Advanced certification. I highly recommend the Acrobatique certification. This is a professional and respected program and Melissa Klassen and her amazing team of instructors guide you with great attention to detail. They outline spotting techniques and a detailed step-by-step method of learning to better understand how to physically assist students. They genuinely care for their students and instructors and thrive to see them succeed.

  • Ashley Magwood

    Ashley Magwood

    Studio Owner - DancEnergy Studios

    Hanover, Ontario

    My AcroDance program at DancEnergy Studios has gained a very high degree of demand and recognition since adding the Acrobatique syllabus. After attending the Teacher’s Certification Program, I feel very confident spotting Acro tricks and choreographing Acro routines—and my students absolutely love it! My favorite aspect of the Acrobatique Syllabus is the online option – it adds so much accessibility and convenience to the program. Melissa Klaassen and her Acrobatique team provided excellent personal instruction and mentorship during the Teacher’s Certification. As my studio grows, and more teachers are needed, taking the Acrobatique AcroDance Teacher’s Certification Program will absolutely be a requirement! The skills and methods of teaching dance that Acrobatique instills in all of their students are invaluable, and I have seen so much growth with my own students in under one year of implementing this syllabus, that I will never teach AcroDance any other way. Thank you Acrobatique for creating such an amazing program that has helped my studio grow with so much skill and passion for AcroDance!

  • Luisa Corsaro

    Luisa Corsaro


    NSW, Australia

    I can’t thank you enough (and my boss as well) for bringing Acrobatique to Australia and sharing your wealth of knowledge with teachers everywhere! I can’t wait to continue my Acrobatique journey next year and can’t wait to keep you posted on all the happenings at DANCE1!! :)

    Our enrollments are already up to 60 with new classes still to be added because of the high enrollments from the Acrobatique program! All of the students at the studio saw the improvements at the concert and the interesting tricks and variations that everyone did and are really excited to try next year.

  • Molly Mcfarlane

    Molly Mcfarlane

    DanScott Studios Corp

    Calgary, Alberta

    I have experienced both the Junior and Intermediate seminars with Acrobatique. The programs that they have created are enjoyable and very informative. I love how they leave you feeling comfortable with spotting all the tricks in the syllabus by the end of the certification seminar. The tricks they teach you are fun to bring back to your studio and the students love them. Acrobatique supplies you with great resources that help you whenever you are confused. The instruction books are informative and the pictures in the book help break things down even more. They also have videos available for all the tricks in case you forget some details. All of the staff members are extremely friendly, knowledgeable and willing to help you out whenever you have a question. When you are taking the certification seminar they make sure you know how to spot your kids in the most efficient and safest way possible, and are happy to work with you one-on-one if you have any questions. Even when you finish the seminar they make you feel welcome to contact them anytime you have a question and they will respond promptly to you making sure you get the answers you need. I am excited to continue working the syllabus and to learn more in the Advance seminar. I would definitely recommend getting certified in Acrobatique, the course teaches you proper technique and their methods really do work. I have seen great amount of improvements will my students and it’s only been a year. Their technique is better and they are getting their tricks faster. Acrobatique is an amazing syllabus for acro!

  • Ryan Wilson

    Studio Owner – Dance Impressions by Ryan

    Vermillion, AB

    AcroDance is a new development in the dance world, and as a progressive dance instructor and studio owner I am so thankful to have found the Acrobatique AcroDance Instructor Certification Program. In comparison to other Acro Instructor Certification courses that I have recently attended, it is far more comprehensive, safe, and well thought out. Acrobatique utilizes logical progressions, and ensures that instructors develop proper teaching and spotting techniques. This allows students to receive safe, and high quality AcroDance training.

  • Vivian Melsness & Nancy Feldbruegg

    Studio Co-Owners – Allegro DanceWorks Inc

    Stittsville, Ontario

    Our studio, Allegro DanceWorks, Inc, recently attended a course offered by Acrobatique AcroDance. AcroDance is new to our school, so we were looking for a structured syllabus to help us teach this new discipline. We were really impressed with the information provided at the course, and with the syllabus material. We discovered that AcroDance can easily and safely be taught to dancers of any age, and that it is great fun! The syllabus progresses very well from beginner to advanced levels. There is something to challenge and motivate every dancer. We know that our students are excited about AcroDance, and we are so happy to be able to introduce them to this wonderful syllabus.

  • Melody Montgomery

    Studio Owner – Melody’s Performing Arts Studio

    NSW, Australia

    I just wanted to say how much I love your Acrobatique syllaubus. The way you conducted your certification classes was absolutely perfect, so easy to understand and retain. I thoroughly enjoyed learning your syllabus as are my students and I’m really looking forward to studying the next level with you next year.

    I couldn’t recommend you any more highly, your professinalism and knowledge along with wonderful teaching methods are outstanding and both you and Miss Wendy were an absolute pleasure to work with.

  • Karen Belyea, RAD RTS DMA

    Studio Owner – Premiere Dance

    Cobourg, ON

    I had a great time at the Junior certification seminars. I thoroughly enjoyed the KinderAcro segment. I have taught the very young for almost 35 years, and I learned a new approach to the physicality of those formative age groups.

    Again your program was presented in a direct and practical manner and through your approach of a mentorship-based program, I had all my questions answered.

    I look forward to the Intermediate program this summer and fully intend to place students in your syllabus examination/workshops.

  • Treisha Dinsdale

    Studio Owner – Manzanillo, Mexico

    Hello Melissa! I am so excited to be opening my new studio in Manzanillo, Mexico and just wanted to say that the Acrobatique Certification Program really inspired me and I can’t wait to implement it in my studio, and attend the Intermediate seminar next year. Hopefully in 2014 we can have you come out to examine my girls.

  • Cathy McKeown

    Studio Owner – Classical Dance Arts

    Timmons, Ontario

    I would like to thank the Acrobatique team for such a great training session! I really got so much out of the Junior Acrobatique Certification Seminar, and am looking forward to the Intermediate course next summer! I am excited to incorporate the new techniques into my acro classes this year. It really built my confidence in spotting as well, which I felt a little at a stand still with, especially with my more advanced girls. Again, I am looking forward to certifying myself in the next two levels for more technique and spotting skills.