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5 Tips for Making Your Acro Program a Success!

Thank you to Claire O’Shea for having Acrobatique Director Miss. Melissa on your podcast, Business of Dance! If you didn’t catch the interview, you can check out our cliff notes below:

  1. Acro can be intimidating, especially if you didn’t grow up training as an AcroDancer. Regardless, offering acro at your studio is TOTALLY DO-ABLE, as long as you have the right help and training. Many teachers who were intimidated at the beginning now say that Acro is now their favourite genre to teach!
  2. The high amount of stretch, strength and foundation training you do in acro class creates stronger and more confident dancers overall: you can really tell which dancers take acro!
  3. As soon as your students master a trick, have them start practicing different ways of dancing in and out of it – THIS is when it gets really fun, for you and your students!
  4. The biggest mistake we see is teachers trying to push ahead with their students too quickly. It takes a beginner acrobat about two years of technique training before they really start to “get it.” Don’t gloss over the foundation, or give into pressure to produce the “big tricks” right away. It takes much MORE time to fix bad technique than it does to spend the time building a strong technical base from the beginning. So take it slow, and celebrate every small achievement!
  5. Use “trick families” to your advantage! For example, once a students starts working on an Open Cartwheel, tell her she’s working on aerials, because she is! She is working in the family of Side Aerials, and is working towards achieving her Side Aerial.
Want more? Listen to the full interview HERE! (Episode 46)

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