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Keep Your Senior Students Excited About Acro (Even If They’ve Hit a Tumbling Plateau)

Keep Your Senior Students Excited About Acro (Even If They’ve Hit a Tumbling Plateau)

By Lisa Claydon of Acrobatique AcroDance

The Aerial; the Back Handspring; the Back Layout; these are the “big guns” – the tricks that students (and their parents) hope to achieve when signing up for acro classes.

So…what do you do when you have a class of Intermediate/Advanced-level students, some of whom are “naturals” at tumbling while others struggle, despite plenty of focus and hard work?

The answer: design a well-rounded class plan that allows all students to feel successful at some point during the lesson. You will likely find that your senior students excel in one of the following categories: tumbling, flexibility work, or balancing. So, by including each of these sections into your classes, everyone can work on their weakest areas, and excel in their strongest.

  • Tumbling: The tumbling section of your classes can include targeted strength work, tumbling drills, and tumbling lines across the floor.
  • Flexibility: Spend time on flexibility training and flexibility-focused tricks like scorpions and illusions. You can also provide students with trick variations that include leg grabs and splits.
  • Balancing: Continue introducing new balance variations (such as one-hand one-elbow balance, handstand to elbow-stand transition, or partner balancing work).

The goal here is to keep your students progressing in all areas of their training. When you maintain well-rounded class-plans and a culture that celebrates all skills (not just tumbling!), your older students will continue to progress and feel good about what they are accomplishing each week!

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