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3 Simple Steps to Train Smarter: A Great Article to Share with Your Students!

AcroDance is very physically demanding; taking good care of your body (through these 3 simple steps) can make your challenging classes and rehearsals a lot more do-able! 

Step 1: Eat Smart

Before tough exercise, like acro class, your body needs carbohydrates for energy. Examples of healthy carbs include quinoa, brown rice, and sweet potatoes. Try to have a meal or snack with healthy carbohydrates anywhere from 2 hours – 30 minutes prior to your class.

After a hard class, your body needs protein to feed your muscles, especially when you are trying to increase your strength! Healthy sources of protein include chicken, Greek yogurt, and beans.

Try to avoid refined sugar whenever possible, especially before a convention, performance, competition, or any other time you are required to push your body hard for days at a time. Sugar weakens your immune system and puts you at a higher risk of getting sick – never fun! Alternatively, fitting lots of vegetables and some fruits into your diet will help strengthen your immune system.

Hydration is also vitally important; especially before, during, and after exercise!

Step 2: Try Something New

In order to keep improving your fitness, it’s great to try out various types of exercise to keep your body guessing.

  • Cardiovascular fitness will help you perform your dances with more energy. Examples of cardiovascular activities include jogging, biking, and jumping rope.
  • Strength training is important for tumbling and powerful jumps! Strength training can be done using your body weight (think: push ups, planks, and lunges), or with props such as resistance bands and/or weights.
  • Yoga is also a great way to supplement AcroDance training – it can improve both your strength and flexibility.

Step 3: Catch Some Zzzz’s

Not getting enough sleep is like running on empty; you are just burning out your system and putting yourself at risk of injury and getting sick. On the other hand, when you get a full night’s sleep, you have the energy to push hard without burning out.

When you take care of your body, you will be able to train harder and reach your goals faster. You work hard in the studio, and implementing these healthy habits will make your hard work go even further!

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