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Focusing on Your Competitive Dancers? Don’t Forget about the Core of Your Business: Your Recreational Program!

The Importance of Your Preschool Dance Program: A message from Acrobatique partner, Twinkle Star Dance.

Tiffany Henderson with Amanda Scott

Let’s talk dance studio business for a minute, starting with the foundation of our school’s recreational dancers. Recreational dancers are the “core” of any dance school yielding more profit per dancer and make up the largest base of potential customers.  

It is important to identify the “core” of any business; the “core” is the service or product that yields the most profit. Please note that I am talking about profit, not revenue. Profit is the difference between revenue and expense; often times more revenue equals more expense.

For example, your intensive dancers pay you $300 a month for 15 classes per week, so they are paying less per class hour and require more expensive teachers, generally.  Also, the pool of new customers who already dance at a high level is not as large as preschoolers and school-aged beginners.

Recreational dancers do the following for your business:

  1. Grow your program from the bottom up – a healthy studio is one with the largest base of young dancers. Even if the top of your pyramid is strong, you still need a strong foundation.
  2. Allow you to offer more full-time positions to dance teachers resulting in in less teacher turnover and subsequent stress.
  3. Expand your choices as a studio owner – this means more flexibility in your schedule, ability to bring in and hire master teachers, etc.

You might be thinking, ‘Well that’s great Tiffany, but how do I get more recreational dancers to enrol at my dance studio?’

I’ll let you in on a secret: you can spend all the money in the world on marketing to attract new customers. However, if the class itself isn’t great, they are not going to register. A dance studio is a “school” and every school requires a written class curriculum. If you have more than one dance teacher at your school, you must have a curriculum, this means detailed written lesson plans and class content on video.

That’s why I created Twinkle Star Dance, a codified curriculum and teacher training system, to have consistency in my recreational classes at all of my seven dance studio locations. I’m happy to say Twinkle Star Dance is now proven in over 250 dance studios worldwide.

What is Twinkle Star Dance?

  1. Teacher Training System –Twinkle Star Dance puts the focus on the delivery, not developing the content of the class. The teacher can focus on teaching. It also allows you train new teachers and subs and expand your recreational dance enrolment.
  2. Protects Business – Twinkle Star Dance is a trademarked class curriculum that protects its subscribers from anyone not authorized to teach it.
  3. Based on Child Development Principles – Twinkle Star Dance is a preschool and school-aged dance curriculum that strikes the perfect balance of structure and fun according to the age and developmental skill of the child.

How the Program is Structured?

Twinkle Star Dance contains full class curricula with elements you can add and change.

  • Actual video of complete classes and breakdown videos
  • Written lesson plans
  • Music playlists and access to edited and transitional music
  • Monthly updates – Holiday ideas, etc.
  • Written dancer evaluations
  • Written teacher evaluations
  • Summer camp curriculum
  • Marketing Support Photos, logos, advertising graphics, national marketing
  • Business Support via monthly webinars, where Twinkle Star staff walk through the year with you as your partner.

Smart, successful leaders and business owners never achieve greatness alone. They enlist the help of other experts to help them expand their business and keep their brand growing. Strengthen the core of your business by implementing Twinkle Star Dance into your studio’s recreational program!

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