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The Top 5 Things You Can Do To Level Up Your Mental Game

Leveling Up Your Mental Game: With Melissa Klassen and Clint Salter

When it comes to your serious performers, are you utilizing the powerful mindset tool of MENTAL GAME with them?

This best-kept-secret will give you an edge up when it comes to keeping your students focused and motivated, and will get you the massive results you are looking for when it comes to your classes, the studio and your life.

This week I dive deep into the world of visualization, goal setting, focus and motivation with “Dance Studio Owner’s Association” Founder Clint Salter, on his “Transform My Dance Studio” Podcast.

In this exclusive interview we talk about:

  • Visualization and Goal Setting for maximum results.
  • Tips for Teacher’s and Studio Owners for dealing with students who are losing momentum and drive.
  • How to help your serious performers remain focused and avoid negative distractions.
  • Tips for Teacher’s and Studio Owners for staying on top of your OWN mental game, and how to re energize your passion for teaching if burn out has set in.

Ready To Take Your Mental Game To The Next Level? 



For more on the Dance Studio Owners Association check out their website at or visit their Facebook page

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